Frequently Asked Questions


Are Dogs Allowed in My Villa: Of course, they are, they are our fur babies. We do ask if you put your fur babies on the beds that you lay something down first (we have spare sheets available).

Are Cats Allowed in My Villa: Yes, cats are allowed in the villas, they are like our fur babies. We do ask that they stay in the bathroom or kitchen area. This is because cat saliva or dander is a lot harder to remove from soft furnishings and we need to be mindful of the next guest.

Are Pets Allowed to be Left alone in My Vila: You know your fur babies better than anyone else. Leaving them alone may be stressful and if they damage the place, you have agreed at sign in to pay for all costs. The best option is to have a chat with us (we may be able to help out).

Do You Have Vegetarian, Lactose, or any other Options for Meals: Unfortunately, we don’t, this is because our kitchen is classified as a domestic/commercial kitchen meaning we are limited to storage and what we can cook for guests.

Do You Have Late Check in Availability: We do. When the office closes (between 6pm and 7pm) we will send you an SMS with how to get to your villa that will be ready and waiting for you. Please note that WE WILL NOT send the SMS any earlier (this is a safety issue).

Am I Able to Contact the Coral Villa After Hours: Yes you are, on your key tag is our after hours mobile phone number (it is also on the sign near reception). Please call us if you have any issues with your villa.

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